Business Leader Advisory Services for Investors

High value-added strategic and operational leadership services for high-tech investments…
Leadership effectiveness is often cited as the number one controllable factor for success in a high-tech investment. Given the realities of the “Valley”, with its limited investments in developing business leaders there is a limited number of proven and seasoned CEOs available to lead promising companies. Quite often, Boards decide that a company’s leadership needs developmental assistance or leadership change. TechVenture Management can provide that desired assistance or can help in that new management transition.

Reasons or scenarios when to consider the TVM leadership services:

  • A CEO is in over his/her head. She’s/He’s got good potential but is being over taken by events and there’s no time for just continuing the way things are going.
  • A portfolio company needs some adult supervision asap.
  • A management team is losing faith in the CEO’s leadership and the circumstance must be addressed.
  • It’s time to transition leadership at a company as smoothly as possible and preferably without losing the knowledge-base of its current leader or disrupting customer relationships.
  • An immediate change in business leadership is needed and there’s no obvious candidate to take charge.
  • The investors are not sure they’re getting the whole story! They need to find out the real reason a company is not being successful?

Approach and Framework

Our approach to assisting a client simply consists of diagnosing and resolving business issues in a logical, collaborative and consistently updated fashion. Together we will develop an assessment of leadership and business issues, goals which need to be achieved and a plan to achieve them. We then will work together in the light of new information and changing circumstances.

Expected Outcomes and Results

Successful engagements must deliver improved business results as measured by classical business metrics, as framed by company strategy and as defined by all relevant stakeholders.

We only succeed if we help deliver positive results both for the investors and for the leadership team delivering a win-win result!

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You don’t need a permit to have a baby and you don’t need a coach to be a professional CEO. Why is that?..
When a CEO has a really tough decision to make there are very few people s/he can consult in complete privacy and free of any agenda – not the team, not the board, not the investors, not even friends. Ken was a perfect and discreet sounding board for me in those times. He helped me find my blind spots, gave me good tools to look at the issues, and pushed me out of my comfort zone. He was extremely responsive when needed. Definitely a good investment.

Paul Rochester
CEO Layer 7 Technologies, CEO PS’Soft Inc., CEO Conformative Systems, Board Member Evolve Software, formerly SVP Sun Microsystems