As a CEO, I need to balance my passion for our company with the practical realities of our business. This is a continual challenge and requires an “out of the body” experience. I can get this pragmatic, direct and experience-based insight from Ken Schroeder.

Bud Michael
CEO, Availigent

Ken came in and immediately became part of the team. In a collaborative environment, he rolled up his sleeves and helped us clearly understand how the customers and partners viewed our product. He injected just enough structure and process to help us focus on how to sell that value proposition, and ultimately position us for the next level of success. I’d love to work with him again and would recommend any CEO seeking enhanced success to do so.

Dave Stanton
Founder & CEO, Talking Blocks, Inc., acquired by HP

As the Founder and CEO of Resonate and couldn’t have asked for a better person to pick up where I left off. As my successor, he was able to seamlessly transition into his role as CEO and worked tirelessly building the company and managing our rapid growth. We needed to scale quickly and Ken was able to transform the company from its early stage roots to a fully functioning organization, ultimately taking us public. Working with Ken during that exciting time was a very effective learning experience. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Chris Marino
CEO at vCider,  Founder & CEO Resonate Inc.

I have known Ken for over ten years, and he has been the CEO of two portfolio companies with me. Ken did a great job in both situations. He exceeded our expectations both times in the midst of challenging circumstances. Ken has a strong facility for honing in on the key issues and focusing on the drivers of enterprise value. He is adept at recruiting and building the team, respectfully working with the founders, communicating with the investors, and raising additional capital.

Bob Greene
Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Contour Venture Partners, Formerly Co-Managing Partner of Flatiron Partners & formerly General Partner of Chase Capital Partners

I have known Ken for over 10 years. We have led companies with the same venture investors. No role is as lonely as the CEO and I have always appreciated the relationships with other CEO to help bounce ideas etc. and Ken was no exception. During the past year I have had the privilege of working with Ken on a new project where I am the CEO of an Enterprise Software company. In that time my relationship with Ken has taken on a new and much more valuable trusted advisor role. This relationship allows me to have very frank, candid and open conversations that are not always possible with other company stakeholders. Ken is one of the most experienced, insightful and creative strategic thinkers I have known in my 20 years in leading companies in the high technology space, and I trust him totally. I would have very much appreciated the opportunity to have Ken available in this role earlier in my career including during my role as Group Vice President Nortel.

Alan Fraser
President/CEO Astoria Software

Engaging Ken with your company allows a thorough testing of operating assumptions and plans – better than any alternative I know for constructive change. As an investor that often needs a fresh look at what is going on with a company, I value Ken’s experience and analytical skills to deliver needed, creative insight in short order. He has a committed sense of urgency in everything he does. If he is tapped to operationally lead, no one is better at creating a goal oriented focus for achieving investor success. I first worked with Ken in a situation more than a dozen years ago. Through the intervening years I have watched him work his magic time after time – all with the speed and excellence of execution that he has honed from the high mark of excellence that he practices.

Bob Bozeman
Managing Partner, Eastlake Ventures, formerly General Partner, Angel Investors, LP

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken as both a CEO and a board member. He has an incredible ability to understand the goals and motives of all parties involved in a venture backed company – customer, employees, investors, etc. His years of experience give Ken instant credibility with all of these groups of people. He is tough but always fair in his interactions and understands the importance of adjusting his role to each individual situation. Ken is an expert at strategic value creation and tactical execution for the companies that he works with. I look forward to not only continuing to work with Ken but hope to expand the relationship in the future.

Jim Couniham
General Partner Prism Ventureworks

You don’t need a permit to have a baby and you don’t need a coach to be a professional CEO. Why is that?..
When a CEO has a really tough decision to make there are very few people s/he can consult in complete privacy and free of any agenda – not the team, not the board, not the investors, not even friends. Ken was a perfect and discreet sounding board for me in those times. He helped me find my blind spots, gave me good tools to look at the issues, and pushed me out of my comfort zone. He was extremely responsive when needed. Definitely a good investment.

Paul Rochester
CEO Layer 7 Technologies, CEO PS’Soft Inc., CEO Conformative Systems, Board Member Evolve Software, formerly SVP Sun Microsystems

I have worked with Ken on two separate occasions where he came in as an Interim CEO for our portfolio companies. In both cases, Ken's performance was superb. He has a unique ability to quickly assess a situation and stabilize a startup team. Beyond being an extremely credible CEO, Ken has a sharp mind for understanding markets, defining channels, driving product schedules and formulating strategy. His contacts in the VC business are matched with a keen sense on how to raise money. Match all that with an understanding of all things technical and you have a potent and effective executive asset. If you need an effective hand at the tiller - hire Ken.

George Hoyem
Partner at In-Q-Tel, Managing Director, Blueprint Ventures

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As a CEO, I need to balance my passion for our company with the practical realities of our business. This is a continual challenge and requires an “out of the body” experience. I can get this pragmatic, direct and experience-based insight from Ken Schroeder.

Bud Michael
CEO, Availigent