Business Leadership Coaching & Advisory Services

Strategy and leadership development for CEO’s and General Managers facing significant business challenges, change or discontinuities…

The complexities of running a business and the accompanying professional challenges for business leaders increase at the time of significant change or discontinuity, when it’s not “business as usual”.

Some common sources of discontinuity:

  • New leadership responsibilities (first 100 days)
  • New investors and/or Board members (including new funding events)
  • Major business strategy changes or marketplace focus
  • Merger and/or acquisitions events
  • Rapid growth, upgrading, downsizing or outsourcing

These events frequently create a need for access to confidential and experienced advice often not readily available, especially given the sometimes limited operational experience and limited time that’s often available from most Board members. Additionally, many sources of experienced advice often carry with them either confidentiality risks or isolated perspectives devoid of appropriate context. Business leader often need advisers who have no risk of conflict of interest and therefore, don’t represent the risk of leakage paths back to other business stakeholders without legitimate inclusion of the primary client. Additionally, leaders need experienced advice from advisors who consider both business and personal success issues. TechVenture Management (TVM) can provide this valuable advisory service to clients.

Reasons to consider the TVM approach to advisory services:

“Our business needs issues identified, clarified and resolved in following areas:”

  • Strategy development
  • ­Leadership/ Team dynamics
  • Operational processes
  • Organizational development
  • Stakeholder relations (BOD, investors, employees, customers)

“I want to improve my effectiveness as a business leader and could benefit from developing a relationship with someone who has been a successful CEO.”

“I have questions and need advice about planning my career.”

“I’m not sure I’m getting the performance I need from my leadership team, whose advice can I trust? I need insight and perspective from someone I can trust.”


Our approach to assisting you simply consists of diagnosing and resolving business issues in a logical, collaborative and consistently updated fashion. Together we will develop an assessment  of your leadership and business issues, goals you need to achieve and a plan to achieve those goals. We will work together in the light of new information and changing circumstances.

Expected Outcomes and Results

Successful engagements must deliver both successful business results as measured by classical financial  and performance-management metrics as framed by company strategy and perceived by all relevant stakeholders.

They should also result in more successful personal outcomes that are valued by the business leader. This success should be defined in subjective and objective terms for both personal and professional objectives.

We aim to deliver a win-win result for all stakeholders!

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Ken Schroeder
TechVenture Management

P.O. Box 670
Los Altos, CA 94023


I have known Ken for over 10 years. We have led companies with the same venture investors. No role is as lonely as the CEO and I have always appreciated the relationships with other CEO to help bounce ideas etc. and Ken was no exception. During the past year I have had the privilege of working with Ken on a new project where I am the CEO of an Enterprise Software company. In that time my relationship with Ken has taken on a new and much more valuable trusted advisor role. This relationship allows me to have very frank, candid and open conversations that are not always possible with other company stakeholders. Ken is one of the most experienced, insightful and creative strategic thinkers I have known in my 20 years in leading companies in the high technology space, and I trust him totally.

Alan Fraser
President/CEO Astoria Software