Business Leaders

(CEOs/General Managers/Entrepreneurs)
high-value coaching/advising and management development to improve leadership effectiveness for both enhanced business performance and personal success and satisfaction from a source that has “lived in your world”.

• Coaching and professional development
• Business plan development collaboration
• Career planning
• Leadership team assessment
• Board relationship coaching
• Fund raising strategy development

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a source of immediate, high-impact and seasoned senior leadership for “turbo charging” business management leaders and their management teams.

• CEO coaching and development
• Business assessment collaboration
• Leadership team effectiveness development
• Independent director contributions
• Interim CEO teaming
• Improved business leadership effectiveness

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Business Leaders and Investors

access to a wide network of business critical
resources selected and vetted over years of personal experience that can help accelerate the growth of a successful business.

• Funding sources
• Functional domain experts
• Functional leadership candidates
• Professional services firms

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